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Nyasha Laing is a lawyer, researcher, and multimedia storyteller. She has served as a communications strategist and legal consultant to organizations working on issues of cultural policy, equal justice, racial healing, and inclusive development in the US, Caribbean, and Africa for over a decade.  She is also a documentarian whose written and produced work have been featured in and on Yes Magazine, the Los Angeles Pan-African Film Festival, the IMZ Showcase, BBC Worldwide, the South African Broadcasting Network, Arise TV, and various digital publications. She uses multimedia storytelling and film curation as participatory, cross-cultural processes to build capacity for social impact initiatives in Diaspora communities. Nyasha is a graduate of Yale University and NYU School of Law.




Art Museum of the Americas, October 2017

News Commentary

Journalists Pamela Newkirk and Eric Ham as well as Blogger Nyasha Laing discussed Eric Holder’s resignation and the controversial comments by New York Times columnist about TV producer Shonda Rhimes.

Commentators on “Reporters Rewind” segment on Arise TV discuss the #BringBackOurGirls movement and how to support it.